Radon Testing in Burnsville MN.

What Do We Need To Know About Radon?

Do I need to hire a licensed Radon Measurement Provider in Burnsville, MN?

No, you can conduct the test by yourself. Radon kits are available at any building supply store. Some counties in MN provide a free test kit. (Please check link bellow to Dakota County).

Pros: You don’t have to pay to inspector. Test is not expensive or sometimes free.

Cons: It is almost impossible to determine if somebody tempered with test kits. In most cases buyer has around 10 days to complete all inspections and etc…
Unfortunately 10 days is not enough to conduct the test, send it to lab and get results back.

How testing is done by our Inspector – Radon Licensed Measurement Provider?

Home inspector will schedule an inspection and will stop at the property to drop the monitor(s) and a form with instructions that needs to be signed by tenant.

Upon arrivals inspector will determine following:

  • If house meet the test conditions – closed window and doors, if not test will be set to start with delay 10 hrs.
  • What foundation type, because in some cases every foundation will need a testing, for example part of the house has basement, part – slop on grade in this case it will require 2 monitors measurements.

Then inspector will select a location for testing and placed a monitor. Our monitors are equipped with motion detectors and will register any tempering with device. Test takes 48hrs + 4hrs required delay to complete the test(s).

Test results will be emailed to a client the same day.

How Radon Gets in the House

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What information is available regarding radon and real estate transactions?

The EPA publication Home Buyer’s and Seller’s Guide to Radon details several aspects related to radon testing during real estate transactions.

You can find information on radon, the protocols for radon testing during real estate transactions, and guidance as to how to interpret your radon test results.

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