You’ve likely found us because you are searching for quality home inspection services in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul region. Whether you need a home inspection because you are purchasing a new home or selling your existing home, we are confident that MSP Inspections can serve all your needs.

We know that there are many options when searching for a home inspector in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area. Choosing the right home inspector can be a daunting task because they all offer varying degrees of qualifications, types of equipment, experience, reporting methods, and pricing. We are confident that if you spend a few minutes getting to know us, you will recognize that we beat out the competition in all these areas and that we are your best choice for home inspection services in east-central Minnesota.

Experience You Can Trust

MSP Inspections, LLC, brings thirty years of experience from the construction, remodeling, and real estate industries to offer clients the best possible home inspection services in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul region. In addition, our clients have peace of mind knowing that our work comes with the certifications that every homeowner should expect from their home inspection company.

Our certifications include:

  • American Home Inspectors Training(AHTI) Certified–Home inspections are becoming an increasingly critical part of the home buying and selling process. An inspector’s knowledge in the field has become invaluable, especially in light of stricter legislation on the state and national levels. Rest assured that the AHTI certification ensures that your inspector is an expert in home inspections.
  • Sewer Scope Certified Inspector – Our inspectors are certified in sewer scoping from The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI®), the world’s largest trade organization of residential and commercial property inspectors. A sewer scope is a video inspection of the lateral sewer line from the house at or near the foundation to the city, HOA tap, or the septic tank. The purpose of a sewer scope is to discover and report defects visible in the lateral sewer line. This certification ensures that our inspectors are equipped with the latest technologies and skills to get the job done right.
  • Minnesota Department of Health Certified Radon Testing Provider – Any person who performs a test to determine the presence and concentration of radon in a building the person does not own or lease requires this license. The Minnesota Radon Licensing Act, effective January 1, 2019, has licensure, work practice, continuing education, and reporting requirements for radon measurement. Rest assured that our licensing is always current.

As a home buyer, you can save thousands of dollars as a result of a home inspection.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, nearly half of US homeowners who purchase previously owned homes end up making unexpected repairs in the first six months of owning the home. MSP Inspections can reveal safety concerns and repairs that need attention. These issues can then be brought into your negotiation process and handled before closing. If you are selling your home, an inspection can save you headaches in the negotiation process with your potential buyer and help you sell your home faster.

We are here to protect you!

MSP Inspections, LLC believes that every home buyer deserves to be protected by understanding the actual condition of the structure they are purchasing. Our expert home inspectors will guide you through the home inspection process, methodically reviewing all the major systems and components in the home.

After the inspection is complete, our inspector will do a walk-through with you and your agent and personally explain the home’s general condition and its systems. We will discuss any significant issues that may need to be addressed sooner rather than later. We will also note any items that you will want to keep an eye on for deferred maintenance.

All this information will be detailed in an easy-to-read personalized home inspection report, which will be emailed to you in an easily downloaded PDF format.

Your personalized Eagan home inspection report will include:

  • unbiased reporting.
  • Transparent, photo-rich reporting.
  • A link to an easily accessible Google Photos folder with inspection photos
  • reports delivered on the same or the next Business Day.
What sets us apart from the other Minneapolis Saint Paul home inspection companies?

We are open seven days a week, which means that we are available on Sundays.

We utilize the latest technologies and equipment, including:

  • moisture meters capable of non-invasive moisture detection of 5″ in-depth
  • infrared cameras
  • relative humidity testers
  • 6-foot snake cameras capable of inspecting hidden and out of view areas
  • carbon monoxide detection in the exhaust pipes of every furnace, boiler, and water heaters
  • bathtub overflow by filling the tubs with water and checking for leaks

These are not part of SOP (Standard of Practice) inspections, but they are part of our standard home inspection at no additional cost.