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Journey from Ukraine to America

By Kara Hildreth Mar 18, 2022 Updated Mar 18, 2022 Yury and Irina Slutsky of Eagan moved to the United States from Ukraine in 1989 because they wanted to see their children live freely in a democracy. Today they are heartbroken about the war in Ukraine because they have close friends battling to stay alive in the […]


As a home inspector sometimes I’m getting questions that are difficult to answer without first studying the subject. One day I had a call from a lady, who owns numerous properties in the twin cities area. She asked if I can inspect a house and determine if somebody was smoking cigarettes inside. If there is an air […]

MSP Inspections, LLC is Growing.

MSP Inspections LLC is expanding its Service Area. MSP Inspections LLC – Minnesota First Google Guaranteed Home Inspection Company is growing. We are expanding our service area by serving 8 counties and 80 cities located in Twin Cities and Suburbs: We specialized in Buyers / Sellers Home Inspections, Radon Testing, and Sewer Scope Inspections. If […]


What are the most expensive Findings during home the inspection? Probably not what you expect.

I was recently contacted by a journalist who wanted to know what the most expensive findings during the home inspection were. One of the most expensive discoveries, if we are not talking about the house that is cheaper to demolish, was an underground oil tank buried beneath the ground. If an oil tank leaks on […]

Buying an Old House in Minnesota

I often asked – Should I buy an old house? Deleted: Nothing wrong with <em><strong>buying an older house</strong></em>. While they come with charm and unique décor futures, there might be some problems that you should be aware of. I highly recommend having in your corner a knowledgeable home inspector. Please watch my movie – Buying an […]

Repair Estimates

Accurate Repair Estimates Based on Home Inspection Report. By Yury Slutsky – MSP Inspections LLC After Inspection is complete and final walk through is done, buyers may feel inclined to ask the inspector for pricing estimates on how much the repairs will cost.  For the most parts home inspectors came into home inspection industry with […]

Court Strikes Down Eviction Ban

U.S. District Court Judge Dabney L. Friedrich of the District of Columbia struck down a nationwide eviction moratorium Wednesday, calling it unlawful. Friedrich’s ruling applies nationwide. The eviction ban was put in place last year by the Trump administration using public health powers granted to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention during health emergencies. The […]