Exterior Inspection

MSP Inspections begin by inspecting the exterior of each home.  The exterior inspection should start by observing the home from the street or at the end of the driveway.  Inspector will look at the house in its entirety, will check for things that may not be level, plumb or square.  Many major structural problems will be apparent only when viewed from a distance.  Up close, many things on the house may seem okay, but it’s a different picture when the house is observed from farther away.

Inspector will stay back and take a few moments to look at the whole house.  Will check its outlining shape, its main design, and its structural features.

Inspector will figure out the various components of the house by stepping back.  Identify the location of some of the systems, such as the electrical service, central cooling unit, egress opening, chimney structures, garage, parking area, side doors, fences, plumbing entrance, outlying exterior structures, landscaping features, property boundaries, shared utilities or components, and driveways and sidewalks, as well as inspection restrictions or obstacles, the prevailing wind direction, the southern-facing side of the house, and much more.

Inspector will check the large trees that are near the house structure.  By stepping back and looking at the house, inspector can get the big picture.